How To Team Up With A
Billion Dollar International Company... 
Without Leaving Your Home    

Our 10 Day

Water BUSINESS Boot Camp

Is designed to show you how you can not only make immediate money from home but learn how to create a solid  business you can call your own... AND be proud of! 

We are about to show you!

M E E T   J O D I   

My name is Jodi and I am a Health Coach/Entrepreneur and it is safe to say... I LOVE WATER!

  By profession I am a weight loss coach.  As I coached my dieters to do specific things to help them lose weight I found myself telling them, "Drink more water!"  However, as my education deepened, I discovered the kind of water people drink is often times doing them more harm than good.

In 2014 I was introduced to an amazing, special, health-healing water that blessed my entire family.  Since that day I have been in love with the taste, the quality, and ALL the HEALTH BENEFITS it has to offer.   

When I purchased my own machine it allowed us to make an unlimited supply of this water every single day from the comfort of our own home.  Little did I know the positive financial impact it would have, but I quickly learned.  Financially it was a dream come true.

Having the ability to take my love of this product and share it with others has created substantial income.  How did I do it?   I am a business woman and could clearly see teaming up with an already-successful company could have major financial perks for myself.  I was 100% correct.  Now, I get to show you the company, the strategy, the know-how of how to put a solid, exceptionally profitable system in place for yourself.  

The most important advice I have for you is to

Come To Our
10 Day Boot Camp

Build A Business To Be Proud Of

  •  Learn the financial benefits for YOU by teaming up with a Billion-Dollar international company
  • Learn how to achieve promotions and rank advancements very early in the company
  •  Learn to follow the company leaders who have achieved the highest success in the least amount of time
  • ​Learn you do have a financial option that finally pays you what you are worth

The Product     

We didn't get to be a billion-dollar company by selling a bad product.  We have an outstanding home appliance you will be proud to put your name on.  It is actually licensed as
 "medical equipment" in Japan!

Introducing the Kangen Water Machine...

The word Kangen means "return to origin."  We basically provide a way for families all over the world to drink the best and healthiest water known to mankind.  We help families live healthier. 

These machines are available ALL over the world. In fact, we are currently in 23 countries and have 40 locations.

Check Out The Kangen Water Machine    

  As an entrepreneur or potential sales rep for the company, it is important for you to learn the basics of the machine.  It is extremely impressive.  

Please take ten minutes right now to see how it works.  Prepare to be AMAZED!

Join Forces With A Company Established in 1974   

Come To Our 
10 Day Boot Camp

Do something for YOU. 
  It's only $27.00

 Let's take the next 10 days and help you see not only the possibilities of owning your own profitable business, but also experience a very detailed map to make that happen.  Don't you deserve to understand in detail the possibility of a financial overhaul?  Get started... 
Right here and right now!

Here Are Your Boot Camp Details  

The Cost

  • $27.00 -This is a one-time fee.  Yes... LESS THAN $3 per day
  • Time:  There is a lesson everyday for 10 days.  You can go faster or slower.  Just go at your own pace!
  • Effort:  The business strategies taught in this boot camp has the ability to create a positive financial future.  We encourage everyone to take it seriously.  

The Benefits

  • Knowledge - It is time you understood there really are powerful financial options available to mark you path in a very direct way.  
  • Live Your Life ON Your Terms- What if money didn't matter?  What if your bank account was secure enough you could spend your days how YOU choose?      

Start Your Water BUSINESS Boot Camp

Right Now For Only


Enjoy These Extra Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Stop "talking" about creating a better financial future.  It is time to actually do it.  

This 20 page E-Book called "Goal Setting In Business" will help get to some foundational principals that must be happening in your life when creating a thriving and profitable business.  

Whether you apply this to your current business or to your future water business, the tips in here will help make the path clear.  

Bonus #2

This workbook will help you take the guesswork out of when and how to put your business goals to action.  

Be specific with your goals.  Make them measurable.  Take action.  Remain realistic and give them a time limit.    
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